Hey Judy, don’t make it bad

Last week we explained how we greatly reduced the rendering time of our web views by switching our escaping routines from Ruby to C. This speed-up was two-fold: the C code for escaping HTML was significantly faster than its Ruby equivalent, and on top of that, the C code was generating a lot fewer objects on the Ruby heap, which meant that subsequent garbage collection runs would run faster.

When working with a mark and sweep garbage collector (like the one in MRI), the amount of objects in the

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Heap at any given moment of time matters a lot. The more objects, the longer each GC

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pause will take (all the objects must be traversed during the Mark phase!), and since MRI’s garbage collector is also “stop the world”, while GC is running Ruby code cannot be executing, and hence web requests cannot be served.

In Ruby 1.9 and 2.0, the ObjectSpace module contains useful070-336 metadata regarding the current state of the Garbage collector and the Ruby Heap. Probably the most useful method provided by this module is count_objects, which returns the amount of objects allocated in the Ruby heap, separated by type: this offers a very insightful070-341 birds-eye view of the current state of the heap. – Hey Judy, don’t make it bad by Vicent Martí